Play in Style
Tisch ganz
Exclusive Edition

This modern fossball table stands for ultimate lifestyle, is highly admired and adds an emotional and astonishing touch to your game. It combines both individuality and joy of life of it‘s owner. It’s more than just a game – foosball literally gets the most beautiful minor point in the world.

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Pure flexibility

Quite in contrast to the design. The following principle at this high-end foosball table applies: Everything is open. And anything that takes your fancy is possible. From individual brandings to the surface finish of the figures. Personality gets a playing fied. As unique as the players – the VIP-Kicker Exclusive Edition.

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Crystal Edition

The rules at this luxury foosball table: There are no rules. What maters lies solely in the eye of the beholder. Each and every sparkle is reflected, which epitomises the Crystal Edition. More than 140.000 Swarovski Crystals adorn the face of this luxury foosball table, thereby defining luxury in a very personal manner. PURE LUXURY FOSSBALL TABLE: A symbol of the ultimate zest for life. And a sign of irrepressible individuality. An eye-catching piece which is striking in every respect – the VIP-Kicker Crystal Edition.

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